A point of sale platform

to run your entire restaurant

Transform the way you manage your business using our various features of the POS system.

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POS Features

Everything You Need To Run Your Restaurant

Our point of sale is a powerful platform built specifically for restaurants. Fast, reliable, and easy-to-use, EATTE POS has all the features you need to streamline your operations and boost your bottom line.

Tableside Service

With handheld technology designed for the restaurant environment, you can enable your team to spend more time with guests, accelerate service, and speed up checkout through tableside ordering and payments.

Order Ready Notifications
Take payments (EMV or Card) tableside.
Tableside Payments
Take tap, dip, or swipe payments tableside.
Guest Feedback
Collect and respond to guest feedback immediately.
Online Ordering & Delivery

Grow your business online with your own commission-free ordering channels for takeout and delivery. EATTE point of sale lets you maximize off-premise sales while minimizing any costly 3rd party commissions.

Commission Free
Increase sales and allow guests to easily & more safely order directly from you.
Flat Rate Delivery
Maintain your margins & guest data when you dispatch local drivers through an on-demand network to offer safer, contactless delivery.
Analytics & Reporting

Manage your restaurant from anywhere. Dynamic reports in the cloud, accessed from any device, put you in control of your restaurant. Track everything in real time, including weekly category sales, wages and more.

Location Overview
A unified view of net sales and labor costs across one location or hundreds.
Sales Summary
Monitor performance over any time period.
Menu Management

Make menu updates from any terminal at your restaurant or anywhere else on your smartphone. Avoid an awkward 86 with real time item countdowns so your servers and your kitchen are in sync.

Access and modify your menu from any device.
Menu Countdown
Manage availability with item countdowns.
A Single Menu
Menu updates automatically reflected in house and online.
POS In The Palm Of Your Hand

Mobile Handheld POS To Keep Your Business Moving

Take contactless payments, streamline your ordering, and keep service hustling. The next generation of our handheld POS is ready for inside, outside, drive-through, curbside and more.

Deliver faster, safer service, and be ready to pivot on the fly.

Tucks easily into your back pocket or apron.

Give guests the convenience of contactless tap payments with cards and digital wallets, alongside chip or swipe.

How EATTE POS Helps You...

The Heartbeat Of Your Business

Our POS system helps you streamline your operations to meet customer's expectations. It will help you to be more systematic and quick in your service to customers.

Increase Sales

Increase sales with built-in tools that help you boost average check size, speed up table turnover, and promote your most profitable menu items.

Deliver Great Guest Experience

Deliver better service with a mobile POS that helps you seat guests faster, minimize order errors, keep lines moving, and process payments without a hitch.

Save Time and Money

Manage staff, floor plans, and costs with on-the-go tools that help you spot ways to save time and money - whether you're in-venue or out of office.

POYNT POS Hardware

Integrations To Supercharge Your Business

From software to hardware, our integration with POYNT lets you source a full suite of hardware to meet the needs of your growing restaurant, providing you with the most reliable and flexible technology. EATTE will work with you every step of the way to implement and configure a flawless system that saves you time, money and headaches.