Kitchen Display


Streamline communications between your kitchen and wait staff, allowing your cooks to easily read orders and notes with the Kitchen Display Screen.

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Save Time & Money

Improve Communication With The Kitchen Display System

Improve order accuracy, increase efficiency, and time meals and courses perfectly with the help of our Kitchen Display System.

A system that can actually handle the heat of the kitchen

We know how busy it can get in the kitchen. KDS displays ticket times to keep track of turnaround, color-codes the orders to help staff see what's cooking and what's ready to go, and lets staff manage incoming orders more effectively.

Restaurant-grade hardware
Rated for a higher temperature and greater durability than iPad screens.
Multiple screen sizes
Mount your KDS anywhere in your kitchen without losing visibility.
Digital ordering integration
Items are fired directly to the KDS as soon as the guest orders, allowing the kitchen to start preparing items seconds later.
Your kitchen, your workflow

Give everyone in the kitchen the visibility they need to prepare a top-notch meal, effortlessly. and waiters can send in an order as soon as it's been taken, leaving them with more time to provide customers with recommendations.

All day display and production item counts
Spend more time focused on preparing food than counting tickets.
Advance prep station routing
Route orders to the correct station - whether it's dine-in, takeout, or delivery.
Kitchen productivity reporting
Dig into your ticket times by prep station to identify bottlenecks.
Put customer satisfaction first

Technology that allows your team to focus on delivering amazing guest experiences. Get rid of ticket clutter and replace your bulky printers with a kitchen display system packed with features designed to help you manage your orders and get them out faster.

SMS & in-app alerts
Send notifications directly to your guests or your servers' handhelds when orders are ready.
Never lose a ticket
Digital tickets can't get dropped in the fryer.
Color-coded modifiers
Put modifications and allergens front and center so dishes aren't sent back.
How KDS Helps You...

Key Features To Make Your Life Easier

Kitchen Display System (KDS) seamlessly connects your front of house and kitchen staff so they can deliver unforgettable meals.

Enhance Your Management

Simplify your kitchen management system and facilitate your staff's work.

Manage Your Orders

Ensure the accuracy of all orders and automatically distribute them to their designated stations.

Get Insights On Your Kitchen Performance

Keep track of your kitchen's speed of service and your staff's performance.

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