Restaurant Inventory

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A simple and hassle-free solution to help you streamline back-of-house, reduce waste, and cut your food costs, so you can be the boss of your bottom line.

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Save Time & Money

Boost Profits and Control Your Food Costs

Always know what you have on hand - and when it's time to order more ingredients - with our easy-to-use restaurant inventory tracking system.

Keep an eye on your food costs with inventory reports

Food costs makes up a healthy chunk of your expenses, so it's crucial to keep them under control and away from eating up your bottom line. With automatic tracking and simple reporting, you'll always know your inventory variances.

Inventory value report
Understand the exact value of the goods on your shelves.
Waste tracking
Tools to help you reduce over-portioning, over-buying, and theft.
Drive down your food costs with a simple inventory tool

Stay up-to-date on the stock levels and order from your suppliers with a click of a button. Set up raw ingredients and units of storage, recipes, and suppliers per branch or warehouse

Warehouse management
Request, purchase, and produce inventory items, and transfer them to and from your branches.
One click ordering
Automatically create and place orders in 1-click when inventory levels run low.
Smart decisions made with easy-to-use tools

Automate the manual and time-exhaustive parts of restaurant inventory management with real-time deductions down to the ounce as menu items are sold, automatic replenishments when you receive inventory.

Integrated tool
Inventory that's always in sync - no data export needed.
Menu engineering
Shed low-performing items and run experiments to improve menu profitability.
How Inventory Management Helps You...

Key Features To Make Your Life Easier

Restaurant inventory and stock management becomes easy with our restaurant POS system.
Be it your inventories, stock levels, or transfer of inventories - you can manage all without any hassles in just minutes.

Recipe Costing

Understand costs and margins for every menu item to design a delicious and profitable menu.

Automatic Inventory

Feel in control knowing what you have in stock with real-time inventory tracking, down to the ounce of mayo, as menu items are sold.

Vendor Management

Save hours by automating the ordering process and managing all suppliers in one place.

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