Analytics & Reporting

Analytics examines your stock, customer experience and staff performance to suggest real business optimizations.

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Better business decisions

Keep Your Finger on the Pulse of Your Business with Intuitive Reporting

Your business decisions should be based on data, not a gut feeling. Equipped with more than 50 reports that update in real time, EATTE POS gives you unprecedented access to the insights you need to reach the right decisions faster.

Real-Time Reports on Your Restaurant's POS Performance Metrics

Our reporting platform was designed with ease of use in mind so that you can spend more time analyzing trends and less time figuring out how to pull up reports.

real-time reports
Track earnings, sales, profits, and costs in real-time from anywhere.
Filter your data
Drill down as granular as needed to understand exactly what's going on in your restaurant, whether it's sales by employee, product category, or revenue center.
Inventory reports
Track your inventory with reports on inventory levels, control, and history and stay ahead of your stock needs.
Understand Exactly What Customers Prefer

Analyze sales trends to optimize your menu and service - like offering the right promotions at the right time - to provide the best guest experience possible and turn casual diners into loyal regulars.

Top items ordered
Receive trend reports that calculate customer footfall and customer orders; this way, you'll be able to anticipate what some of your usual customers will order the moment they walk in.
Lifetime spend
See each guest's visit and spend history with average and lifetime spend.
Report on Your Restaurant from Anywhere

You think about your business even when you're not on premise. Fortunately, our cloud-based POS reports can be accessed from anywhere, at any time.

Cloud backup
Access your restaurant performance data and make changes anywhere and at any time.
Unlimited historical data
Quickly and easily compare historical data as far back as needed.
Data sharing
Automatically email your restaurant's daily sales reports to key team members.
How Insights Helps You...

Better business decisions with advanced analytics

From sales to payments, payroll to taxes, EATTE reports provide both summary and detailed data that's crucial for managing your restaurant.

Increase Sales with Data

Comprehensive insights on customer behavior and spending patterns help you make informed decisions about how to drive profits.

Upgrade the Guest Experience

Compile customer data easily and recompense their loyalty with accurately targeted rewards, gift cards and loyalty programs.

Improve Service with Staff Insights

Detailed reports help you monitor staff performance and inform scheduling, promotions, seasonal hiring, and training decisions.

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