Fine Dining

POS System

From kitchen to table. One software solution to maximize your fine dining experience.

Your fine dining restaurant will thrive with EATTE

Efficient Guest Management

Manage table occupancy, server tasks and easily handle bills.

Fast and clear orders

Avoid staff mistakes by using our mobile POS to take orders.

Accurate inventory management

Keep back operations under control accessing real-time inventory data.

Efficiency At Its Finest

Streamline Your Workflow

Equip your restaurant with a platform that keeps your hosts, wait staff, back of house, expos, and management in sync, so guests are always wowed by your exceptional customer service.

Order Aanagement Of All Types

Empower your staff with an intuitive system, reduce wait times for diners and streamline ordering with a full service point of sale that makes any task faster and easier to do.

Take orders and send them directly to the kitchen.

Send and redeem digital gift cards with the tap of a button.

Facilitate takeout orders with tools to help manage pick-ups and integrations for delivery.

Manage Operations At Your Fingertips

Work from anywhere with your cloud-based fine dining POS system. Whether at home, on the road or on location, our system helps you to manage your entire business.

Grow your business into a multi-location success with an easy-to-scale system.

Get actionable data for one or multiple locations with built-in reports.

Keep customer information secure with a hardwired Internet connection.

Check Management

Often the most difficult part of the guest experience is the end: paying for the meal and calculating tip. Let us reamline this process for your guests, so they'll want to come again and again.

Offer digital receipts and suggested tip percentages.

Split checks with multiple payment methods.

Experiment with auto-gratuity, tip pooling, back of house tips, no tipping, and more.

Dynamic Reports

Track restaurant trends and make smart, data-driven decisions

Advanced restaurant sales and product mix analytics allow you to make the right decisions about your restaurant's future.

Compare restaurant sales and menu reporting between locations and over time.

Access real-time data on kitchen efficiency with net sales and average fulfillment time.

Be on a first-name basis with your guests with a robust restaurant CRM.