Order & Pay

at the Table

Give guests the experience they're looking for with mobile order & pay - easy access to what they want, when they want it, from their own device.

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Save Time & Money

Help Guests Help Themselves

Serve more guests, move lines faster, and increase order accuracy, all without adding to your labor costs.

Let customers order and pay at table right from their phones

Offer a safe way to dine in at your restaurant with digital menus and contactless payment right from the table—no terminals needed.

Easy to order, easy to pay
Guests can browse the menu, order continuously on one tab, and close their check with contactless payment options.
Seamless hospitality
Seamless hospitalityServers can focus more on table touches, upsells, and making recommendations, while adding items to the tab from the POS for flexible service.
Flexible, efficient service is a win win for restaurants and guests.

Increase turnover and efficiency, even with limited staff, by letting customers order and pay on their phones.

Reduce your labor costs
Cover the floor with fewer servers, provide better hospitality and increase ticket sizes.
Increase tips
By covering more tables, servers can take home more tips at the end of the night.
Provide faster service
Send tickets directly to the printer or Kitchen Display System to speed up service and improve turn times.
Collect valuable guest data that's fully integrated into your POS

Consumer needs are changing and so should you. It's time to adapt your business to meet the new era of dining.

Increase sales with guest data
Tie every transaction to a guest name and email address and generate up to $3,400 in sales per campaign.
Know your best guests
Build your guest database so you can get to know who orders what with our Reporting & Analytics.
How Contactless Ordering Helps You...

Key Features To Make Your Life Easier

Our intuitive self-ordering system lets guests place their own orders in just a few taps. Your restaurant can take more orders in less time, without increasing payroll.

Reimagine Hospitality

Serve your guests better and increase ticket sizes.

Increase Profits

Cover more tables with fewer staff while increasing sales.

Bring Guests Back

Collect valuable guest information to power your marketing.

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