Cafe and Bakery

POS System

Find out what your regulars like—and give them a reason to keep ordering.

A Point of Sale That Keeps Up With Your Orders

Speed Up Service

Enter orders with ease to increase revenue and keep guests happy.

Easy & Intuitive

Reduce the time you spend training staff with an easy-to-learn system.

Personalize Your Experience

Fully customized for you - with tools that boost profits and productivity.

Increase efficiency and more

Built to handle unlimited orders

With an easy and intuitive POS system, your baristas and cafe managers can spend less time worrying about the back of house and more time brewing pumpkin spice lattes.

Enter orders and get paid fast

Everything is automatic. Our POS system makes it easy to take orders with a touchscreen terminal and guest-facing display that keeps everything in one place.

Swipe, dip or tap payments from all popular card types at one rate without any hidden fees.

Get a fast and secure checkout experience.

Increase tips and loyalty member signups.

Powerful cloud-based efficiency to run your cafe

EATTE helps busy cafe and bakery owners manage their business from anywhere, whether they have one or one hundred locations. It's easy when all you need is one system to do it all.

Speed up order turnover with a digital integrated Kitchen Display System.

Get to know your bakery's top selling pastries with built-in reports and advanced reporting.

Train new and seasonal staff quickly with an easy-to-learn POS system.

Designed to keep you organized

From time-saving shortcuts to customizable floors, menus and timed events, we have the recipe that'll have your cafe running smoothly.

Manage take-out orders more efficiently with dedicated delivery features and integrations.

Customize your floor plan to reflect the unique layout of your cafe.

Maximize efficiency for breakfast sandwiches and coffee orders.

Make Informed Decisions

Keep your coffee data always brewing

Track your coffeeshop sales at any time of the day. Keep track of every coffee bean and cinnamon scone from delivery to checkout.

Unlock which baked goods deliver the highest profit margin.

Access sales and product mix

Make simple,
on-the-spot menu edits.